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We at Advantech Alliance also provide services for our client. Our services includes equipment service, equipment repair and maintenance , equipment calibration and NDT application consultant.


Calibration can be called for:

  • with a new instrument

  • when a specified time period is elapsed

  • when a specified usage (operating hours) has elapsed

  • when an instrument has had a shock or vibration which potentially may have put it out of calibration

  • sudden changes in weather

  • whenever observations appear questionable




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USM Go; A flexible portable flaw detector that can be a thickness gauge too!

Happy 2011 New Year!

Go GREEN! Use our Imaging Plate to replace conventional NDT film

Powerful x|act: Software now available for GE phoenix High-Resolution X-ray Inspection Systems

GE New Thickness Gauge (DMS Go) Offers High Performance And Flexibility

GE Introduces Its phoenix nanotom m: nanoCT system provides 3D metrology and analysis on a wide industrial and scientific sample range

Phasor XS Provides a 24 Carat Solution

Breakthrough 3D Technology from GE Enhances Critical Defect Measurement in Aerospace Sector

Automated click & measure Computed Tomography (CT) software saves operator up to 5x

Advanced open X-ray tube technology: Increased filament lifetime and faster image acquisition

Software Filter from GE Provides Faster Image Enhancement for Weld and Casting Applications

GE Measurement & Control Solutions is a leading innovator in advanced, sensor-based measurement, non-destructive testing and inspection and condition monitoring, delivering accuracy, productivity and safety to a wide range of industries, including oil & gas, power generation, aeospace, transportation and healthcare.It has over 40 facilities in 25 countries and is part of GE Energy Services, which provides cleaner, smarter, more efficient solutions for its customers.

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